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hadaqs::RawSubevent Struct Reference

Raw hades subevent. More...

#include <hadaq/definess.h>

Inheritance diagram for hadaqs::RawSubevent:
hadaqs::HadTuId hadaqs::HadTu

Public Member Functions

unsigned Alignment () const
 get alignment
uint32_t GetTrigNr () const
 get trigger number
void SetTrigNr (uint32_t trigger)
 set trigger number
uint8_t GetTrigTypeTrb3 () const
 for trb3: each subevent contains trigger type in decoding word
void Init (uint32_t trigger=0)
 init header
uint32_t * GetDataPtr (unsigned indx) const
 Return pointer on data by index - user should care itself about swapping.
unsigned GetNrOfDataWords () const
 returns number of payload data words, not maximum index!
uint32_t Data (unsigned idx) const
 swap-save access to any data. More...
void SetData (unsigned idx, uint32_t value)
 set data
uint32_t GetErrBits ()
 get error bits
void CopyDataTo (void *buf, unsigned indx, unsigned datalen)
 copy data to provided buffer
void * RawData (unsigned ix=0) const
 Return pointer where raw data should starts.
void Dump (bool print_raw_data=false)
 dump subevent
- Public Member Functions inherited from hadaqs::HadTuId
 HadTuId ()
 ~HadTuId ()
uint32_t GetId () const
 get id
void SetId (uint32_t id)
 set id
bool GetDataError () const
 get data error
void SetDataError (bool on)
 set data error
- Public Member Functions inherited from hadaqs::HadTu
 HadTu ()
 ~HadTu ()
bool IsSwapped () const
 msb of decode word is always non zero...?
uint32_t Value (const uint32_t *member) const
 access value
void SetValue (uint32_t *member, uint32_t val)
 swap-save method to set value stolen from hadtu.h
uint32_t GetDecoding () const
 get decoding
uint32_t GetSize () const
 get size
uint32_t GetPaddedSize () const
 get padded size
void SetSize (uint32_t bytes)
 set size
void SetDecoding (uint32_t decod)
 set decoding

Protected Attributes

uint32_t subEvtTrigNr
 subevent trigger number
- Protected Attributes inherited from hadaqs::HadTuId
uint32_t tuId
- Protected Attributes inherited from hadaqs::HadTu
uint32_t tuSize
uint32_t tuDecoding

Detailed Description

Raw hades subevent.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Data()

uint32_t hadaqs::RawSubevent::Data ( unsigned  idx) const

swap-save access to any data.

stolen from hadtu.h

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