The FOCAL crystal spectrometer project:
Lamb shift studies at the ESR gasjet target

In the most recent 1s Lamb shift experiment for U91+ a ground state Lamb shift of 459.8 eV ± 4.6 eV was obtained which is the most precise test of quantum electrodynamics for a single electron system in the strong field regime and is at the threshold of a meaningful test of higher-order QED contributions. By using decelerated beams, further progress towards an absolute accuracy of 1 eV may be anticipated. In order to obtain a significantly improved precision, future experiments will also use a highly redundant setup at the jet-target and will focus in addition on decelerated ions combined with the crystal spectrometers or bolometers which presently are under construction. As an example, a new kind of x-ray spectrometer, setup in the FOcussing Compensated Asymmetric Laue (FOCAL) geometry, has been developed for this purpose. The spectrometer serves in measuring small wavelength differences between the fast moving x-ray source, represented by the circulating ions in the ESR, and a stationary calibration source. It is designed for energies between 50 and 100 keV or wavelengths between 25 and 12 pm leading to Bragg angles of less than 4o for a Si(220) crystal. In the experiment, this focusing transmission crystal spectrometer will be combined with a segmented germanium x-ray detectors.

Very recently first measurement with the FOCAL spectrometer has been performed at ESR using gold beam and nitrogen gas-jet target.


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Talks and posters:

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Talk (H. F. Beyer) (PDF version)


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