DABC (Data Acquisition Backbone Core)  2.9.9
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dabc::Average Class Reference

Helper class to calculate average value. More...

#include <dabc/statistic.h>

Public Member Functions

void AllocateHist (int nbins, double xmin, double xmax)
 Average ()
double Dev () const
void Fill (double zn)
double Max () const
double Mean () const
double Min () const
long Number () const
void Reset ()
void Show (const char *name, bool showextr=false)
void ShowHist ()
virtual ~Average ()

Protected Attributes

long * hist
double hist_max
double hist_min
double max
double min
int nhist
long num
double sum1
double sum2

Detailed Description

Helper class to calculate average value.

Should not be mixed up with dabc::Parameter class, which could measure average value as well

Definition at line 118 of file statistic.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Average()

dabc::Average::Average ( )

Definition at line 301 of file statistic.cxx.

◆ ~Average()

dabc::Average::~Average ( )

Definition at line 311 of file statistic.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AllocateHist()

void dabc::Average::AllocateHist ( int  nbins,
double  xmin,
double  xmax 

Definition at line 316 of file statistic.cxx.

◆ ShowHist()

void dabc::Average::ShowHist ( )

Definition at line 382 of file statistic.cxx.

◆ Reset()

void dabc::Average::Reset ( )

Definition at line 330 of file statistic.cxx.

◆ Fill()

void dabc::Average::Fill ( double  zn)

Definition at line 343 of file statistic.cxx.

◆ Number()

long dabc::Average::Number ( ) const

Definition at line 126 of file statistic.h.

◆ Mean()

double dabc::Average::Mean ( ) const

Definition at line 127 of file statistic.h.

◆ Max()

double dabc::Average::Max ( ) const

Definition at line 128 of file statistic.h.

◆ Min()

double dabc::Average::Min ( ) const

Definition at line 129 of file statistic.h.

◆ Dev()

double dabc::Average::Dev ( ) const

Definition at line 368 of file statistic.cxx.

◆ Show()

void dabc::Average::Show ( const char *  name,
bool  showextr = false 

Definition at line 374 of file statistic.cxx.

Field Documentation

◆ num

long dabc::Average::num

Definition at line 133 of file statistic.h.

◆ sum1

double dabc::Average::sum1

Definition at line 134 of file statistic.h.

◆ sum2

double dabc::Average::sum2

Definition at line 135 of file statistic.h.

◆ min

double dabc::Average::min

Definition at line 136 of file statistic.h.

◆ max

double dabc::Average::max

Definition at line 136 of file statistic.h.

◆ hist

long* dabc::Average::hist

Definition at line 137 of file statistic.h.

◆ nhist

int dabc::Average::nhist

Definition at line 138 of file statistic.h.

◆ hist_min

double dabc::Average::hist_min

Definition at line 139 of file statistic.h.

◆ hist_max

double dabc::Average::hist_max

Definition at line 140 of file statistic.h.

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