DABC (Data Acquisition Backbone Core)  2.9.9
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dabc::BasicFile Class Reference

Base class for file writing/reading in DABC. More...

#include <dabc/BinaryFile.h>

Inheritance diagram for dabc::BasicFile:
dabc::BinaryFile hadaq::HldFile mbs::LmdFile

Public Member Functions

 BasicFile ()
bool eof () const
int GetIntPar (const char *parname)
 Return integer file parameter. More...
bool GetStrPar (const char *parname, char *sbuf, int sbuflen)
 Return string file parameter. More...
bool isOpened () const
bool isReading () const
bool IsRFIO ()
 Returns true when RFIO is used. More...
bool isWriting () const
void SetIO (FileInterface *_io, bool _ioowner=false)
 ~BasicFile ()

Protected Member Functions

void CheckIO ()
bool CloseBasicFile ()
 reading/writing mode More...

Protected Attributes

FileInterface::Handle fd
 if true, io object owned by file More...
bool fReadingMode
 file descriptor More...
bool iowoner
 interface to the file system More...

Detailed Description

Base class for file writing/reading in DABC.

Mainly used to handle FileInterface instance and FileInterface::Handle pointer

Definition at line 84 of file BinaryFile.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BasicFile()

dabc::BasicFile::BasicFile ( )

Definition at line 106 of file BinaryFile.h.

◆ ~BasicFile()

dabc::BasicFile::~BasicFile ( )

Definition at line 121 of file BinaryFile.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CloseBasicFile()

bool dabc::BasicFile::CloseBasicFile ( )

reading/writing mode

Definition at line 91 of file BinaryFile.h.

◆ CheckIO()

void dabc::BasicFile::CheckIO ( )

Definition at line 99 of file BinaryFile.h.

◆ SetIO()

void dabc::BasicFile::SetIO ( FileInterface _io,
bool  _ioowner = false 

Definition at line 114 of file BinaryFile.h.

◆ isOpened()

bool dabc::BasicFile::isOpened ( ) const

Definition at line 129 of file BinaryFile.h.

◆ isReading()

bool dabc::BasicFile::isReading ( ) const

Definition at line 131 of file BinaryFile.h.

◆ isWriting()

bool dabc::BasicFile::isWriting ( ) const

Definition at line 133 of file BinaryFile.h.

◆ eof()

bool dabc::BasicFile::eof ( ) const

Definition at line 135 of file BinaryFile.h.

◆ GetIntPar()

int dabc::BasicFile::GetIntPar ( const char *  parname)

Return integer file parameter.

Definition at line 138 of file BinaryFile.h.

◆ GetStrPar()

bool dabc::BasicFile::GetStrPar ( const char *  parname,
char *  sbuf,
int  sbuflen 

Return string file parameter.

Definition at line 141 of file BinaryFile.h.

◆ IsRFIO()

bool dabc::BasicFile::IsRFIO ( )

Returns true when RFIO is used.

Definition at line 144 of file BinaryFile.h.

Field Documentation

◆ io

FileInterface* dabc::BasicFile::io

Definition at line 86 of file BinaryFile.h.

◆ iowoner

bool dabc::BasicFile::iowoner

interface to the file system

Definition at line 87 of file BinaryFile.h.

◆ fd

FileInterface::Handle dabc::BasicFile::fd

if true, io object owned by file

Definition at line 88 of file BinaryFile.h.

◆ fReadingMode

bool dabc::BasicFile::fReadingMode

file descriptor

Definition at line 89 of file BinaryFile.h.

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