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stream analysis framework
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mbs::Processor Class Reference

This could be generic processor for data, coming from MBS For the moment it is rather CERN beamtime-specific code

#include <mbs/Processor.h>

Inheritance diagram for mbs::Processor:
base::StreamProc base::Processor

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Processor ()
virtual bool FirstBufferScan (const base::Buffer &buf)
 Scan all messages, find reference signals.
virtual bool SecondBufferScan (const base::Buffer &buf)
 Second generic scan of buffer Here selection of data for region-of-interest should be performed.
- Public Member Functions inherited from base::StreamProc
virtual ~StreamProc ()
void SetTimeSorting (bool on)
 Enable/disable time sorting of data in output event.
bool IsTimeSorting () const
 Is time sorting enabled.
void SetTriggerMargin (double margin=0.)
 Set minimal distance between two triggers.
void CreateTriggerHist (unsigned multipl=40, unsigned nbins=2500, double left=-1e-6, double right=4e-6)
 create histograms for triggers
virtual void SetTriggerWindow (double left, double right)
 Set window relative to some reference signal, which will be used as region-of-interest interval to select messages from the stream.
void SetRawScanOnly ()
 Method set raw-scan only mode for processor Processor will not be used for any data selection.
bool IsRawScanOnly () const
 Is only raw scan will be performed.
bool IsRawAnalysis () const
 Is raw analysis only.
bool IsTriggeredAnalysis () const
 Is triggered events analysis.
bool IsStreamAnalysis () const
 Is full stream analysis.
bool IsSynchronisationRequired () const
 Method indicate if any kind of time-synchronization technique should be applied for the processor. More...
unsigned minNumSyncRequired () const
 Returns minimal number of syncs required for time synchronisation.
virtual bool AddNextBuffer (const Buffer &buf)
 Provide next port of data to the processor. More...
virtual bool ScanNewBuffers ()
 Scanning all new buffers in the queue. More...
virtual bool ScanNewBuffersTm ()
 With new calibration set (where possible) time of buffers. More...
virtual void SkipAllData ()
 Method to remove all buffers, all triggers and so on. More...
virtual bool SkipBuffers (unsigned cnt)
 Force processor to skip buffers from input. More...
unsigned numSyncs () const
 Returns total number of sync markers.
unsigned numReadySyncs () const
 Returns number of read sync markers.
SyncMarkergetSync (unsigned n)
 Returns sync marker.
unsigned findSyncWithId (unsigned syncid) const
 find sync marker
virtual bool CollectTriggers (GlobalMarksQueue &queue)
 Method to deliver detected triggers from processor to central manager. More...
virtual bool DistributeTriggers (const GlobalMarksQueue &queue)
 This is method to get back identified triggers from central manager. More...
virtual bool ScanDataForNewTriggers ()
 Here each processor should scan data again for new triggers Method made virtual while some subprocessors will do it in connection with others. More...
unsigned NumReadySubevents () const
 Returns number of already build events.
virtual bool AppendSubevent (base::Event *evt)
 Append data for first trigger to the main event. More...
virtual void Store (Event *)
 Generic method to store processor data, In case of ROOT one should copy event data in temporary structures, which are mapped to the branch.
virtual void ResetStore ()
 Generic method to store processor data, In case of ROOT one should copy event data in temporary structures, which are mapped to the branch.
- Public Member Functions inherited from base::Processor
ProcMgrmgr () const
 Return manager instance.
const char * GetName () const
 Get processor name.
unsigned GetID () const
 Get processor ID.
void SetHistFilling (int lvl=99)
 Set histogram filling level.
bool IsHistFilling () const
 Is histogram filling enabled.
int HistFillLevel () const
 Get histogram filling level.
unsigned GetStoreKind () const
 Get store kind.
bool IsStoreEnabled () const
 Is store enabled.
virtual void SetStoreKind (unsigned kind=1)
 Set store kind.
void SetStoreEnabled (bool on=true)
 Enable store - set store kind 1.
virtual void UserPreLoop ()
 pre loop
virtual void UserPostLoop ()
 post loop

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool doTriggerSelection () const
 Returns true when processor used to select trigger signal TRB3 not yet able to perform trigger selection.
virtual double MaximumDisorderTm () const
 This is maximum disorder time for MBS TODO: derive this value from sub-items.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from base::StreamProc
 StreamProc (const char *name="", unsigned brdid=DummyBrdId, bool basehist=true)
 Make constructor protected - no way to create base class instance. More...
void SetSynchronisationKind (SyncKind kind=sync_Inter)
 Method indicate if any kind of time-synchronization technique should be applied for the processor. More...
void AddSyncMarker (SyncMarker &marker)
 add sync marker
bool AddTriggerMarker (LocalTimeMarker &marker, double tm_range=0.)
 Add new local trigger. More...
GlobalTime_t LocalToGlobalTime (GlobalTime_t localtm, unsigned *sync_index=0)
 Method converts local time (in ns representation) to global time. More...
bool IsSyncIndexWithInterpolation (unsigned indx) const
 Method return true when sync_index is means interpolation of time.
virtual GlobalTime_t ProvidePotentialFlushTime (GlobalTime_t last_marker)
 Method should return time, which could be flushed from the processor. More...
bool VerifyFlushTime (const base::GlobalTime_t &flush_time)
 Method must ensure that processor scanned such time and can really skip this data. More...
unsigned TestHitTime (const base::GlobalTime_t &hittime, bool normal_hit, bool can_close_event=true)
 Method decides to which trigger window belong hit normal_hit - indicates that time is belong to data, which than can be assigned to output can_close_event - when true, hit time can be used to decide that event is ready. More...
template<class EventClass , class MessageClass >
void AddMessage (unsigned indx, EventClass *ev, const MessageClass &msg)
 add new message to event
bool eraseSyncAt (unsigned indx)
 Removes sync at specified position. More...
bool eraseFirstSyncs (unsigned sync_num)
 Remove specified number of syncs. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from base::Processor
 Processor (const char *name="", unsigned brdid=DummyBrdId)
 Make constructor protected - no way to create base class instance. More...
void SetBoardId (unsigned id)
 Set board id.
void SetPathPrefix (const std::string &prefix)
 Set path prefix for histogramsid.
void SetSubPrefix (const char *subname="", int indx=-1, const char *subname2="", int indx2=-1)
 Set subprefix for histograms and conditions. More...
void SetSubPrefix2 (const char *subname="", int indx=-1, const char *subname2="", int indx2=-1)
 Set subprefix for histograms and conditions, index uses 2 symbols. More...
H1handle MakeH1 (const char *name, const char *title, int nbins, double left, double right, const char *xtitle=0)
 Adds processor prefix to histogram name and calls base::ProcMgr::MakeH1 method.
void FillH1 (H1handle h1, double x, double weight=1.)
 Fill 1-D histogram.
void FastFillH1 (H1handle h1, int x, double weight=1.)
 Fast fill 1-D histogram. More...
double GetH1Content (H1handle h1, int nbin)
 Get bin content of 1-D histogram.
void SetH1Content (H1handle h1, int nbin, double v=0.)
 Set bin content of 1-D histogram.
int GetH1NBins (H1handle h1)
 Get bins numbers for 1-D histogram.
void ClearH1 (H1handle h1)
 Clear 1-D histogram.
void CopyH1 (H1handle tgt, H1handle src)
 Copy 1-D histogram from src to tgt.
void SetH1Title (H1handle h1, const char *title)
 Set 1-D histogram title.
H2handle MakeH2 (const char *name, const char *title, int nbins1, double left1, double right1, int nbins2, double left2, double right2, const char *options=0)
 Adds processor prefix to histogram name and calls base::ProcMgr::MakeH2 method.
void FillH2 (H1handle h2, double x, double y, double weight=1.)
 Fill 2-D histogram.
void FastFillH2 (H1handle h2, int x, int y)
 Fast fill 2-D histogram. More...
void SetH2Content (H2handle h2, int nbin1, int nbin2, double v=0.)
 Set bin content of 2-D histogram.
double GetH2Content (H2handle h2, int bin1, int bin2)
 Get bin content of 2-D histogram.
bool GetH2NBins (H2handle h2, int &nBins1, int &nBins2)
 Get number of bins for 2-D histogram.
void ClearH2 (base::H2handle h2)
 Clear 2-D histogram.
void SetH2Title (H2handle h2, const char *title)
 Change title of 2-D histogram.
C1handle MakeC1 (const char *name, double left, double right, H1handle h1=0)
 Create condition.
void ChangeC1 (C1handle c1, double left, double right)
 Change condition limits.
int TestC1 (C1handle c1, double value, double *dist=0)
 Test condition.
double GetC1Limit (C1handle c1, bool isleft=true)
 Get condition limit.
virtual void CreateBranch (TTree *)
 Create branch.
virtual bool RegisterObject (TObject *tobj, const char *subfolder=0)
 Register object.

Protected Attributes

base::LocalStampConverter fConv1
 ! use converter to emulate local time scale
unsigned fLastSync1
 ! last sync id in first scan
unsigned fLastSync2
 ! last sync id in second scan
- Protected Attributes inherited from base::StreamProc
BuffersQueue fQueue
 ! buffers queue
unsigned fQueueScanIndex
 index of next buffer which should be scanned
unsigned fQueueScanIndexTm
 index of buffer to scan and set correct times of the buffer head
AnalysisKind fAnalysisKind
 defines that processor is doing
SyncKind fSynchronisationKind
 kind of synchronization
SyncMarksQueue fSyncs
 list of sync markers
unsigned fSyncScanIndex
 sync scan index, indicate number of syncs which can really be used for synchronization
bool fSyncFlag
 boolean, used in sync adjustment procedure
LocalMarkersQueue fLocalMarks
 queue with local markers
double fTriggerAcceptMaring
 time margin (in local time) to accept new trigger
GlobalTime_t fLastLocalTriggerTm
 time of last local trigger
GlobalMarksQueue fGlobalMarks
 list of global triggers in work
unsigned fGlobalTrigScanIndex
 index with first trigger which is not yet ready
unsigned fGlobalTrigRightIndex
 temporary value, used during second buffers scan
bool fTimeSorting
 defines if time sorting should be used for the messages
base::H1handle fTriggerTm
 ! histogram with time relative to the trigger
base::H1handle fMultipl
 ! histogram of event multiplicity
base::C1handle fTriggerWindow
 window used for data selection
- Protected Attributes inherited from base::Processor
std::string fName
 processor name, used for event naming
unsigned fID
 identifier, used mostly for debugging
 direct pointer on manager
std::string fPathPrefix
 histogram path prefix, used for histogram folder name
std::string fPrefix
 prefix, used for histogram names
std::string fSubPrefixD
 sub-prefix for histogram directory
std::string fSubPrefixN
 sub-prefix for histogram names
int fHistFilling
 level of histogram filling
unsigned fStoreKind
 if >0, store will be enabled for processor
bool fIntHistFormat
 if true, internal histogram format is used

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from base::StreamProc
enum  SyncKind { sync_None , sync_Inter , sync_Left , sync_Right }
 kind of synchronization More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from base::StreamProc
static void SetMarksQueueCapacity (unsigned sz)
 Set markers queue capacity.
static void SetBufsQueueCapacity (unsigned sz)
 Set buffers queue capacity.
- Protected Types inherited from base::StreamProc
typedef RecordsQueue< base::Buffer, false > BuffersQueue
 buffers queue
typedef RecordsQueue< base::SyncMarker, false > SyncMarksQueue
 sync markers queue
- Protected Types inherited from base::Processor
enum  { DummyBrdId = 0xffffffff }
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from base::StreamProc
static unsigned fMarksQueueCapacity = 10000
 maximum number of items in the marksers queue
static unsigned fBufsQueueCapacity = 100
 maximum number of items in the queue

Detailed Description

This could be generic processor for data, coming from MBS For the moment it is rather CERN beamtime-specific code

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