beamcalc is a set of tools to derive or estimate a number of beam-related parameters at (some) heavy-ion storage rings. The tools are accessible through a mobile-friedly simple web interface. The target audience is me. Nevertheless, I was made aware, that operators running the facility or users planning or analyzing experiments may find some use for it, too. So that if you have feature requests for the future development, you may try to convince me, that I really want them, too 😉.

Third party libraries

The graphical vizualzation of data is implemented using the Plotly.js library, © 2017, Plotly Inc. and distributed under the terms of the MIT licence.

Physics and Model

Wherever reasonable, constants are used to their significant digits, fundamental constants are taken from New-SI 2019 or CODATA 2018.

This code may change any time without prior announcement and results may be complete rubbish altogether. Please be in particular aware, that each physics model has its limits of credibility and a fair amount of simplifications of reality. Thus, it is left to the users disposition to judge the results accordingly and to apply at least some common sense proof. In particular the estimates involving interacting ensembles of particles, i.e. cooling times, lifetime, Bethe-Bloch... are not to be taken as exact.

Moreover, the models make implicit assumptions on the initial beam conditions, on the machine details, or on other boundary conditions and may not fully obvious to the non-adept user. This shall be cleaned up in future versions.


I would like to thank Esther Menz for contributing to beamcalc.