WTI/Experiment Electronics/Data Processing: Go4

Go4 Tutorials

You need Go4 version 4.4 for the tutorials.
Go4 Go4 web site

Tutorial 1 How to install Qt, ROOT and Go4

Tutorial 2 Running first very simple example
  • Get tarball of example and build it
  • Run analysis from shell and look at the results with GUI
  • Run analysis by GUI
  • First usage of histogram monitoring, condition and parameter editors

Tutorial 3 Looking into the code
  • Look into the analysis setup file
  • Look into the analysis code

Tutorial 4 Using an event object for output
  • Get event class
  • All steps to use output event object
  • Writing a ROOT tree file

Tutorial 5 How to process trees
  • Use Go4 tree viewer to analyse ROOT tree file
  • Use analysis reading ROOT tree file
  • Use CINT macro reading ROOT tree file
  • Use ROOT MakeClass mechanism to analyse the file without Go4

Tutorial 6 Saving/setting conditions and parameters
  • Macro usage
  • Save condition setup in macro
  • Save parameter setup in macro
  • Use the macros to set conditions and parameters

Tutorial 7 Using Go4 steps
  • Why we need steps
  • Implement three steps (tarball)
  • Managing step configurations

Tutorial 8 How to implement branches
  • What are branches
  • First implementation of branches (tarball)
  • Why it does not work as desired

Tutorial 9 How to implement branches correctly
  • Event server steps (tarball)
  • What is a user analysis class good for

Tutorial 10 How to use the branch IO mechanism
  • Define phases of analysis
  • Step configurations for the phases

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