List of Publications

As of 2019 I am co-author of about 1000 publications. About 630 of those are peer-reviewed journal publications which have been cited in about 46,000 publications.

Textbook Contributions:


Selected Publications

I wrote or directly contributed to the following papers:

Research Reports:

  1. J. Schwiening
    Eine Studie zur Produktion und Bose-Einstein-Korrelation neutraler Kaonen in hadronischen Z0-Zerfällen mit dem OPAL-Detektor,
    Dissertation (Ph.D. thesis) (1995), BONN-IR-95-13, Universität Bonn
  2. J. Schwiening
    Untersuchung zur K0s Produktion mit dem OPAL-Detektor: Vergleich von OPAL-Daten mit Monte-Carlo-Simulationen,
    Diplomarbeit (Diploma thesis) (1991), BONN-IR-91-42, Universität Bonn