background track

Performance of the DIRC@EIC reconstruction of 30 degree track in a presence of a background track.

  • 3-layer spherical lens with sapphire, r=[62,36] vs ideal lens
  • 16x16 pixels MCP-PMTs with HIQ400, CE=95%
  • pions and kaons @ 6 GeV/c; phi = 0 (no field); theta = 30 deg; vertex y-shifted by 0.5*barwidth (to hit middle of the bar)
  • 0.5 mrad tracking
  • 100 ps time precision
  • geometrical reconstruction with averaged LUT from 15M photons
  • GR with per-PMT and chromatic corrections
  • 20k tracks for pdf generation (per each particle species); 5k for determining separation

Event display with one track at 30 degree and one at [25,60] degree

Results of the reconstruction for 30 degree track.

Photon yield after cuts:



Per-angle plots (3-layer spherical lens):