radii scan for lens with EV-plate

Time imaging performance as function of lens's radii.

  • tracking evaluated at r =70 cm with all sub detectors
  • 3 mm pixels HIQ400, CE=95%
  • pions and kaons @ 6 GeV/c; phi = 0 (no field); vertex y-shifted by 0.5*barwidth (to hit middle of the bar)
  • 100 ps time precision
  • 20k tracks for pdf generation (per each particle species) (generated with corresponding track resolution); 5k for determining separation

Configuration of 3 layer spherical lens between bars and plate (EV-plate-SL-bars). EV plate has length of 893 mm and height same as radiator bars (17 mm).

TI reconstruction. Radii scan. Black dot shows the chosen value (290,190).

TI reconstruction. Radii scan. Smaller radii.