start time resolution TI

Start time resolution obtained using only "dirc" information.

  • DIRC@EIC design; 11 bars; 4x6 MCP-PMT array; 3-layer sperical lens with nlak33
  • 3 mm pixels (Photonis 2 (CE=95%, QE=22%))
  • pions/kaons @ 6 GeV/c
  • time imaging reconstruction

For 100 ps:

Example of the PDF for one channel aligned to the start time => yields high likelihood:

Example of the PDF for one channel with start time offset => yields low likelihood:

The start time is determined by shifting time-PDF to obtain maximum log likelihood. Example of log likelihood for pions as the function of PDF's time shift:

Reconstructed start time shift for different polar angles (blue for pions, red - kaons):