run 403

Performance and calibration studies for run 403.

  • CERN 18
  • S403, bar with 3-layer spherical lens
  • p/pi @ 7 GeV/c
  • geometrical reconstruction
  • delta t selection with s = 0.5 ns
  • with beam direction correction
  • with per-PMT Cherenkov angle correction

Using different roughness of the radiator:

Geomentrical reconstruction:

Using different sigma of the Gaussian PDF:

Time imaging:

Last week performance:Show/Hide

Geomentrical reconstruction:

Time imaging:

Lens step scan: Show/Hide

For X:

Prototype rotation scan: Show/Hide

Without per-pmt Chereckov angle correction:

With per-pmt Chereckov angle correction:

Cherenkov track resolution for beam data (black) and simulation (red):Show/Hide

20,40,60 deg data with improved fitting:

Older plots:

Cherenkov track resolution simulation without multiple scattering and ideal tracking resolution (blue):

Reconstructed Cherenkov angle (simulation):

Tracking resolution using only 20 deg data set (simulation):

Reconstruction of a single event (proton @ 20 deg @ 7 GeV/c) with different shift of charged particle direction. Shift along theta direction:

Shift along phi direction: