theta phi map

Performance of the Barrel DIRC as a function of the polar and the azimuthal angle for design with 11 and 8 MCPs.

  • PandaRoot simulations without field
  • pions and kaons @ 3.5 GeV/c
  • geometrical reconstruction with 2M LUT
  • time-imaging reconstruction with full-simulated pdfs
  • 30k tracks for pdf generation (per each particle species); 5k for determining separation
  • ~2 mrad tracking resolution
  • 0.1 ns time precision
  • standard wavelength QE
  • spatial QE = 1
  • athimuthal angle covers 1.5 bars (from the edge to the middle of the barbox)

11MCPs with geometrical reco:

8MCPs with geometrical reco:

11MCPs with time imaging reco:

8MCPs with time imaging reco:

Difference for geometrical reco (11 MCPs - 8 MCPs):

Difference for time imaging reco (11 MCPs - 8 MCPs):

=> 11 MCP design is slightly better, especially for side bars.