core with field

Performance compassion with and without magnetic field. The polar angle of the charged track for case with field is adjusted so it hits the same bar as without field.

  • field data: @ 2.5
  • 3-layer spherical lens with sapphire, r=[62,36]
  • 3 mm pixels HIQ400, CE=95%
  • pions and kaons @ 6 GeV/c; phi = 0 (no field); phi = 2.5 (with field)
  • 0.5 mrad and 0.25 mrad
  • 100 ps time precision
  • geometrical reconstruction with averaged LUT from 15M photons
  • GR with per-PMT and chromatic corrections
  • 15k tracks for pdf generation (per each particle species); 10k for determining separation

Example of event display with b-field with 30 degree track

Photon yield with geometrical reconstruction's cuts:

Without any cuts: