radii scan for eic

  • DIRC@EIC design; 11 bars; 4x6 MCP-PMT array; 3-layer spherical lens with nlak33
  • 3 mm pixels HIQ400, CE=95%
  • pions and kaons @ 6 GeV/c; phi = 0
  • 0.5 tracking resolution. See track resolution scan for more.
  • 100 ps time precision
  • geometrical reconstruction with averaged LUT from 15M photons
  • GR with per-PMT and chromatic corrections
  • 15k tracks for pdf generation (per each particle species); 10k for determining separation

Separation power as a function of radii with reference points for r = [47.8,29.1] (black), [62,36] (red) and [95,50] (blue):

Theta scan for specific radii sets. Photon yield:


Geometrical reconstruction:

Time imaging:

Analysis plots for r = [62,36]: