post-dirc tracking

  • DIRC@EIC design; 11 bars; 4x6 MCP-PMT array; 3-layer sperical lens with nlak33
  • 3 mm pixels HIQ400, CE=95%
  • 100 ps time precision
  • time imaging reconstruction with simulated PDFs (30k for each particle type)
  • geometrical reconstruction with averaged LUT from 5M photons
  • 0.8 tracking resolution. See track resolution scan for more.

Post-dirc tracking layer located few cm away from radiator. Points p1 and p3 are smeared with 50 mkm in X and Y. Resulting vector (p3-p1) is used as corrected track direction. Event display for 0.2 GeV/c pion @ 30 degree hitting 30 mm wide bar:

Geometrical reconstruction (tracking layer 1.5 cm away from radiator):

Without post-dirc tracking: