pi/K sep power (updated)

  • hdgeant4 and sim-recon
  • geometrical reconstruction
  • 30M photons for LUT generation
  • averaged LUT
  • pions/kaons @ 4 GeV/c
  • 2 ns selection on time difference
  • 6 x 18 MCP in optical box

Geant4 view of the DIRC with coordinate system. Red point indicates theta=4 deg phi=-90 deg

Bug with propagation time of the Cherenkov photons:

Difference between measured and calculated time:

Fixed propagation time (time = track_length/photon_velocity(n(energy)) ):

Hit pattern for 1k pions and kaons @ (theta=4, phi=-90):

Reconstructed Single Photon Resolution for pions(blue)/kaons(red) @ (theta=4, phi=-90) degree @ 4 GeV :

Pion(blue)/Kaon(red) separation power @ (theta=4, phi=-90) degree @ 4 GeV:

Separation map for lower segment of the DIRC (optical box is on the right side):

X projection for -30<y<-25: