e/pi rejection

e/pi rejection. Calculated based on PID likelihoods.

  • 3-layer spherical lens with sapphire, r=[62,36]
  • 3 mm pixels HIQ400, CE=95%
  • e / pions @ 1.2 GeV/c; phi = 0 (no field)
  • 100 ps time precision
  • geometrical reconstruction with averaged LUT from 15M photons
  • GR with per-PMT and chromatic corrections
  • 15k tracks for pdf generation (per each particle species); 10k for determining separation

e/pi rejection factor as correctly identified electrons divided by the pion background (no optimization, pid cut at 0). Based on time imaging:


Calculation based on Gaussian fits (full range) with PID cut at 0 (red) and at middle of two Gaussians (blue):


Likelihoods distribution: