radiator properties from z scan

Determining properties of the radiator (reflection coefficient, roughness) based on z-scan data.

Bounces (vertical + horizontal) for unique channel and path id. Accumulated for all (6) z-positions:

Example of ch 487 and path id 10003. For 6 z-positions. Errors represent statistical uncertainty. Fitted with first order polynomial:

Reflection coefficient calculation:

All 6 z-combinations:

Excluded combinations with path id 3 (reflection from the top of the prism):

Resulting reflection coefficient for beam data:

Wavelength distribution of detected Cherenkov photons (@ 30 deg polar angle of charge particle):

Reflection coefficient vs roughness. BaBar data and sims are at Brewster angle. CERN18 data for all angles.

Angle to the normal of the surface for all unique channel-paths combinations:

Geant4 data. Example for 0.5 roughness:

Simulated vs reconstructed. Roughness calculated from reflection coefficient using scalar theory.